The future of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its sustainability in India looks quite promising, as it will create a large number of opportunities for the stakeholders. If the buzzword is any indication then there is a sincere and healthy interest in CSR and its sustainability by the companies. Compulsion can be one thing, but most of the Indian companies have already set their benchmarks in carrying out the CSR mandate in the overall interest of the society.

CSR TIMES magazine has been playing an important role in highlighting the good work being done by several organizations in the area of social responsibility. While the magazine is committed to publish success stories, challenges ahead, news, views, facts etc. on CSR, it is a great sense of achievement that CSR TIMES has been acknowledged at the prestigious House of Lords in London.

At the recently concluded ‘Global Achievers Conclave’, at the House of Lords, London, United Kingdom, on October 4, 2013, CSR TIMES received a special mention for its news coverage, views and the wealth of information provided.

Gauhar Nawab, Chairman of Euro Group of Hotels in the United Kingdom, eulogized CSR TIMES referring it as one of the best resources on the corporate social responsibility. His words of encouragement are surely going to make us more committed towards our endeavour of making CSR TIMES a global magazine.

At the ceremony, Rt. Hon. Baroness (Ms) Sandip Verma, Minister of Energy, Govt. of United Kingdom, spoke very highly of CSR TIMES for its accurate reporting of news, facts and figures related to corporate social responsibility. She evinced keen interest in the magazine and promised to spread the word about the magazine in her personal capacity among the corporate and business fraternity in the United Kingdom.

During this conclave some outstanding achievers from across the globe were felicitated with this award.  Dr. Sir. Siddhartha Das Gupta, CMD of Fortune Ventures Worldwide Ltd. and Consulting Editor, CSR TIMES received the coveted Global Achievers’ Award.

Dr Sudhir Parikh (Padmashree Awardee in 2010, based in the United States), Mr R.K. Dubey (CMD of Canara Bank), Dr. R. Seetharaman (CEO of Doha Bank) and Dr. N.K. Singh, Chairman of Phenomenal Group were among the other award winners who were felicitated at the Conclave.

Corporate social responsibility is already a well-established practice in the United Kingdom. Countless companies have been doing a commendable work towards the cause of society.  What is noteworthy is that CSR TIMES getting a word of praise and encouragement from distinguished personalities at the Global Achievers Conclave in the United Kingdom where there are many publications on the CSR activities.

CSR TIMES would like to whole-heartedly thank the organizers of the Global Achievers Conclave with utmost humility and humbly accept the compliments showered on us. As a matter of fact these words would motive us to do a better job and set new standards in our work.