“Great CSR is not measured by budgets. Today, companies have a brilliant opportunity to build business strategies on the principles of shared value and integrate CSR. We need leaders across the board to showcase that authentic effort to work with communities helps to build scalable, profitable and sustainable businesses. I expect that as awareness grows, CSR will keep evolving and hopefully we will see more open dialogues within the sector,
specialists and governing bodies, raising the bar for all of us.”



Akansha Pradhan serves as the Head of Corporate Communication and CSR at DHL Express. Over the last 13 years, Akansha has held key leadership mandates with marquee groups such as Reliance, Tata and the Piramals. She is passionate about social impact and views sustainable CSR practices as integral to a company’s core strategy. Akansha has been one of the first few professionals who has worked on and created a corporate social responsibility measurability matrix during her stint with Tatas. She has been ranked as “Top 50 most talented” corporate communication leaders by the World CSR Congress, and has won several awards and recognitions over the years. She has led diverse global teams, has been an advisor to senior leadership teams, and was identified as a high potential “future leader” at Piramals.