Works towards community empowerment and improving the quality of life through multi thematic interventions including Livelihoods, Education, Sports, and Water & Sanitation


Launched in 2008, Tata Trusts’ North-East Initiative strives to address developmental issues in 7 states in the region through the provision of enhanced livelihood opportunities, improved agricultural practices and sustainable use of natural resources.  The Trusts endeavor to do so by creating an effective channel for the dissemination of knowledge and expertise in the region.

In Assam, Tata Trusts covers over 30,000 households in 15 districts through projects that include – agriculture, skill building and micro enterprise, education, sports and water & sanitation among others. The key focus areas of the initiative for the region are agriculture and horticulture, household-level piggery enterprise, formation and strengthening of community institutions, skill building, education, and water & sanitation.

Allied Agriculture Livelihoods

  • Intensifying livelihoods of tribal households of Boko block of South Kamrup district of Assam: Creation of durable asset based and income generation by intensification of homestead orchard and livestock rearing.
  • Growth of small holder poultry in Assam (Dudnoi & Khowang): Income enhancement through women led small holder’s poultry business entity.
  • Multi thematic initiatives in the areas of handloom, arts and crafts: Food security & income generation through technology infusion and enhanced production.

Skill building and Entrepreneurship Development

Vision: To train 100,000 youth every year on demand-driven vocational skills across Trusts selected geographies. In addition to starting 5000 micro and small enterprises comprising of first generation and existing entrepreneurs who will generate jobs at local level.

Skilling for informal sector workers

  • Especially targeting school drop-outs and the Construction sector.
  • Training of trainers / curriculum building to setup skill training centre.

Healthcare skilling

  • Skilling youths on Healthcare services, Geriatrics Skilling & Skilling specially abled youth.

Entrepreneurship development

  • Targeting mostly women and marginalized populations
  • Providing gap funding by linking entrepreneurs to financial institutions and promoting enterprises through SHG networks to sell essential commodities.


Integrated approach to Technology in Education

Integrated Approach to Technology in Education is an academic framework to improve teaching and learning processes and foster authentic and project based learning for older children and adolescents. Students, mostly first time computer users, engage with technology to deepen their learning of the school curriculum.

The four objectives of this approach are: (i) bridging the digital divide and fostering digital citizenship; (ii) creating learning interest and improving attendance and retention; (iii) enhancing learning achievement; and (iv) improving learning processes and pedagogy.


Tata Water Mission & Swachh Bharat Mission

In Borigaon, Nalbari, Assam Tata Trusts acts as a program support partner to a self-sustainable drinking water pilot project to provide access to safe drinking water. The project delivers 6000 L/d of treated water to villagers and reduces the arsenic and iron levels as per Indian drinking water standards.

‘Zilla Swachh Bharat Preraks’ a programme run jointly by the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation along with Tata Trusts works with the objective of ending open defecation by 2019 is operational in 23 districts where currently 25 ZSBPs are working in the State for implementation of Swacch Bharat Mission.


Tata Trusts have partnered with U Dream Football for offering international football training to young talent from North East India, paving the path for them to pursue the sport as a profession. The sports interventions include:

Tata Trusts UDream Football Programme (Germany):

This programme focuses on promoting exceptional footballing talent from the region, paving the path for them to pursue the sport as a profession. It is a one-of-a-kind learning and development programme that lays equal emphasis on the academic development of young athletes and an opportunity to pursue higher studies at a German University or institution, helping them find the right balance between sports and education. In 2017, 35 footballers (17 from Mizoram, 15 from Manipur, 2 from Meghalaya and 1 from Assam) between the ages of 9-15 have been shortlisted and sent to Germany for the 6 year programme. Currently all boys have been enrolled in International School of Dusseldorf [International Baccalaureate (IB) board].


Tata Trusts strives to function as a Centre of Excellence to proactively promote sustainable innovative solutions for a vibrant economy in the North-eastern region of India.  The goal is to design and implement innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable to improve quality of life focusing on low income households with an emphasis on human resource development.